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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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moving south and east of philadelphia and pressing through season and it will continue to do so as we go through the rest of tonight. allowing for a light shower or sprinkle for the evening, christmas eve warmth, the old record set last year was 64 degrees, and so far we have climbed up to 71 in philadelphia well above the average of 4-this time of year especially the southwesterly winds, 68 in allentown and the lehigh valley and the poconos 59 and 59 in sea isle city, and dover coming in at 69, it is christmas eve and people are gathering around for the holiday tomorrow, it's mild and allow for a stray shower at 9:00 p.m., dropping down to 65 degrees, and midnight tonight and perhaps are you attending midnight mass 63, talking about what is ahead. it's cloudy and a light jacket
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is needed with this warm weather overhead and warm temperatures again for christmas day and we are tracking santa where he will be the rest of tonight and into christmas. the details coming up. >> thank you. the gray skies and warm temperatures made for an unusual christmas eva cross the region, john rawlins is live at the rothman rink, still a lot of people on the rink which is incredibly intact. >> yes it is, here i am in shirt sleeves on christmas eve who would have thought. a lot of people enjoying themselves, people are ambivalent about the weather conditions here and making the best of it. the sights say christmas and the sounds say christmas. but 70 degrees on december 24th, this is not beverly hills l.a.,
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it's philadelphia. >> it's all wrong. >> it feels like it melted and doesn't feel right. >> hard to get into the feel of things. >> real hard. >> i am wanting snow since october and have not got and it yet. >> the very popular rothman ice rink had a lot of water on it. >> we are trying not to fall. the warm weather and humidity is conspiring to produce the watery condition. >> the water is from the humidity and the atmosphere and it condensing on the ice. >> it's not conducive to the ice rink conditions, did the unusually warm weather melt the season. >> it's a feeling, it would be nice to have snow but it's a feel, it's what's inside, it's family and we are going to the macy's light show, we are not
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going to let it impact us. >> matt hopkins is the tallest elf we know at 70 years young he never remembers a christmas eve like this. >> i remember christmass where it got to 60 degrees and in were few and far between, but nothing, this is balmy. >> balmy indeed. you are taking a look at the ice rink, troy young ran the zamboni, and less water almost no water on the ice rink now, getting back to the 6'2" elf, this christmas eve reminded him of the one christmas eve he spent in honolulu. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> sounds nice john, thanks. if you waited until the last minute to grab the last two items on your gift list are you running out of time, small shops in the mall are trying to finish
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up shopping. >> the rush is on from chestnut hill to the willow grove park mall, time crunch shoppers are out in force not letting packed parking lots or crowds get in the way of finishing their christmas lists, doing last minute shopping and doing things that come through the mail and i'm trying to find it last minute. >> i actually do like it, i like the adrenalin, it's what puts me in the mood for christmas. >> gift givers get help in their race against the clock. >> how busy is it? >> non-stop since 7:30 this morning. >> the 70 degree weather brought out shoppers to chestnut hill, some dressed for summer but pruping for christmas. >> the rain has not kept me out and i can dart in and out quickly it's pretty good. >> back at the mall where shoppers are frantic should take less ons from the big guy
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himself who is taking requests just hours before his big trip. >> we had no choice we wanted to see santa. >> i have been a good girl and i want a barbie house for christmas. >> and out here live you are taking a look at the parking lot where it is packed, this is a procrastinators paradise, if you have last minute gifts you should know this mall closes in just two hours. brian i hope you are not one of them. live at the willow brook mall, channel 6 "action news." >> i finished but i'm not telling you when. for many today it's not about the shopping list, it's about the menu, the action cam in south philadelphia, one of the places that saw long lines of customers, for many people the cannoli, cakes and cookies is a delicious holiday tradition, and to guarantee they get what they
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want they show up before sunrise, they have a really long line but if you get here between 5:15 and 5:30 it's not as bad, but it's hard of it, the line. they brought in live music the dedicated shoppers as they waited in line today. >> many people used today to travel to see loved ones for the holidays, for the most part it was smooth sailing, and many at philadelphia international airport compared to yesterday, maybe because there was fewer flights scheduled. the warm temperatures had people breaking out the shorts like this guy. others were heading out west in search of snow. >> headed to seattle and then vancouver. >> to do what? >> to go snowboarding. >> you'll find snow? >> yes, 70 degrees and i'm going snowboarding, i had to find my winter jacket. >> most trains at 30th street station were on time and the platforms were busy but not jammed like they can get
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typically around thanksgiving. now lets check out the roads wherever people are going tonight. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> happy to be spending the first many part of holiday with you, brian taff. in langhorne buck county, the blockage of the ramp route 1, northbound to 213 maple avenue, because up ahead there say overturned tractor trailer, you see the emergency crews on the scene closing the ramp, if you are coming north on 1, you may want to exit before this at business 1. several others, one accidents blocked off german town pike by hill crest avenue, stay on ridge pike and main street through norristown instead of german town pike and look for a crash at bell road. in delco an accident at wood edge road, but so far not bad
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along 202, the concord pike, taking advantage of the last hours at the concord mall and a pedestrian accident at bishop avenue in upper darby. and on the schuylkill slow speeds, 95 slow speeds by jared and the work zone just 34 miles per hour, and a crash in camden from 676 northbound to collings avenue, and that ramp is partially blocked and the black horse pike is shut down because of an accidents at nicholson road, the black horse pike a much better bet. >> lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this christmas eve. schuylkill to roxborough, despite people had off from work still at a stand still this afternoon. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> i humbly implore to you take "action news" with you over the holidays, load up the mobile devices you are giving or
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getting with 6 abc news, they are available with the watch abc app, the apple app and google play stores. still ahead a series of robberies in old city, what police are saying if a string of gun point holdups are connected and police say it's a pair of thieves stealing from stores across the region for most of the year and they would still be out there if not for the help of an "action news" viewer. and fantasy sites like fan dual and draft king as another tries to shut them down. and now another greeting from one of our service men. >> hi my name is major braxton can field, i want to send out holiday greetings to all of my friends and family in philadelphia.
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a tractor trailer carrying jars of peanut butter in buck
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county closing the ramp for hours, chopper 6 hd was over the wreck from route is north to maple avenue in longhorn and workers have to unload the truck before they can upright it and reopen the ramp, the area is expected to be closed until 6:00 and maybe as late as 10:00 tonight. there is a series of gun point robberies in old city this month and police say many of them are connected and warning people now to be on alert. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli is live in old city with more on this investigation. >> reporter: brian we are here on the 300 block in and rarnd this area, where the gun point robberies occurred. he strikes in rapid succession, in this upscale old city neighborhood there is a sense of unease this holiday season. >> i am wordied because we have heard about it and it's the
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shopping season, many people coming home from night the last thing you want to worry about is walking down the street with gifts and have a gun in your face. >> a sign announces the arms robberies in the past weeks, and twice within an hour five days later in all the crimes a gun was used and the suspect got away with cash, wallets, purses and cell phones. >> it kind of put me on edge and made me think twice about walking through the neighborhood at night. >> we want people to be aware of it, and aware of their surroundings, if someone looks strange or up to something, don't hesitate to call 911. police only have a vague trips of the suspect and are stepping up patrols in the area, many to stop these gun point robberies. >> any time someone is armed with a handgun, we don't want you to fight, just give them
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what they are asking for. >> and police say that is what the victims did and fortunately nobody was injured. i'm live in old city, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> chad, thank you. police say an "action news" viewer helped them track down two people that were stealing from local pharmacies, police arrested the pair and they say they were stealing products like electronic tooth brushes and whitening strips and health monitors. they stole a total of $100,000 worth of items, "action news" ran surveillance video of the crimes last week and a viewer called police and gave them the names of the suspect and they are in jail on $10,000 bail. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf is spending this christmas deciding whether to sign a last ditch spending plan, they sent
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the stop gap bill to the governor's office tonight. it dragged on for six months now causing schools and social service agencies across the state to borrow money to keep operating, the governor has not said he would sign it or slash the spending it contains. and now they are opening an investigation into the fantasy sports websites, like draft kings and fan dual, it's illegal gambling and not just a game, they would have to stop accepting games in that state. and fancy sites are exempt from laws that regulate other gambling, the attorney general of new york also called the sites gambling. looking at the closing numbers, the markets closed early for the christmas eve holiday and the dow is up 2.5 points and s&p down marginally
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3.3 points on the day. >> hyatt hotels are the latest victimed of the hack attack, they are told to deep an eye on the credit card hackers, and the malware was found on hyatt systems used to process customer payments, the company is working with an outside firm to get to the bottom of what happened here, they have not said if any personal information was stolen. disney on ice skated in philadelphia today, mickey, minnie and the gang entertained an excited crowd filled with families and little ones and the "action news" cam caught a glimpse of nemo and squirt. they are celebrating 100 years of magic with 14 classic and new stories, you can see the disney on ice show through wells fargo center on january 3rd, disney is the parent company of 6 abc. good thing that is inside because the ice doesn't stand a chance outside.
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accuweather is tracking another record setting day and here is a live look at spring mountain, does that tell the story or what? sky 6 shows more green than the ski resort owner was like and they are losing green because of it. lets go to melissa magee with this unusual christmas eve. >> it's really warm and we talked about the likelihood of having a white christmas, slim to none especially with warm weather overhead. here is sky 6 hd, looking at philadelphia international airport on this thursday afternoon, we have a mostly cloudy sky and a couple of breaks in the clouds, and perhaps a little more sunshine before sunset later on this afternoon, and it looks like if you are traveling there could be weather related travel delays and slow-downs with the clouds and low level moisture, highs today is the other part of the story, so far in philadelphia, 71 degrees breaking the record
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from last year, same thing in wilmington today. unseasonably warm in allentown and the high of 71 and so far your high coming in at 69, south to southwest winds at this hour, 69 in the city, warm in lancaster, and 66 and reading 67 and along the coast in cape may, coming in at 59 degrees, this is why it's so warm, and winds sustained at 6 miles per hour, to as high as 12 in millville and dover, and the southwesterly wind will be with us for one more day christmas day. and you can see the frontal boundary dipping down to the south, we had showers around earlier today and south of the city across south jersey and those start to depart but the clouds are hanging on tough for the rest of tonight, christmas eve that is where we are, and if are you heading out to services later on, 6:00 this evening, 69 degrees and 8:00 p.m. 67 and 63 as we get into midnight for midnight mass.
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fast forward into the rest of this evening, we are tracking stray showers, it looks to be around 11:00 p.m. tonight, as we get into christmas day, and mostly cloudy and areas of fog and it looks like by the afternoon it's cloudy and showers by days end, records are possible and the four day at 4:00 showing you at christmas day, mostly cloudy with late day rain and high of 78 degrees, and the record is 68 set back in 1964, saturday mostly cloudy for kwanzaa, and drizzle and eagles at home at the linc. take on the red skins and cooler day at 56 and high of 72 on sunday and shower is possible. and monday the chill comes back at 45 degrees, so it's definitely warm and warmer than where we should be average is 4-we are well above that today.
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it will be that way for christmas and won't feel like that tomorrow with a high of 70 degrees, can you believe that. >> i can't believe it but i won't complain. coming up at 4:30 some holiday favorites to holiday traditions we catch up with people buying groceries for their holiday meals and it looks like he was out taking his dog for a walk and he was out to cause trouble and the man caught on camera slashing tires on more than a dozen cars.
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we are still working to learn the name of the man murdered in his car last night mt. airy, they found the victim in a pontiac grand prix after 11:00 last night, someone shot the man in the stomach and he died at the hospital a short time later, police have not said
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who killed him or why. philadelphia police and the fbi are tracking down the man that robbed a bank in north philadelphia, they gave us the surveillance picture of the man that robbed the td bank of grant avenue yesterday, police say he walked in at 11:30 a.m., and they have not said how much the man walked away with here. one man kaz caught on camera in lawndale slashing people's tires as he walked his dog, several different cameras show what happened yesterday at 2:00 a.m., you can see the suspect going after cars on the street, he slashed tires on hellerman street and the 6300 block of shellborn street and oak burn street and he damaged 16 cars overall. it was a busy christmas eve at the first baptist church in
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center city. ♪ ♪ the annual mass started at noon with carolling on the front steps of the church and parishioners took time to help those less fortunate. and they served hot meals for the homeless. santa and his elves and the philadelphia police department pay aid visit to sick patients at saint christopher's hospital, they didn't just bring gifts but they brought smiles to tough times for these families, west catholic high and harvey davidson and others that brought support. more to come on "action news" today, looking at a new kitchen appliance, consumer reports is rating top brands to see which ones give you the most bang for your buck. and big talkers, the tribute for
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a die hard trekkie, the obituary making rounds online. and on this christmas eve, a live look inside of the vatican where pope francis is celebrating midnight mass in st. peter's basilica. >> the pope has the gifts for the sacrifice and at the alter with the incense.
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"action news" continues. >> hello again 4:30 and "action news" continues on this christmas eve with a shopping rush, we are checking in with people picking up the last minute holiday meals and crews worked to clear the scene after a tractor trailer and car collide in buck county. and a special gift for a deserving mom, she is getting a much needed new roof thanks to a local remodeling company and first record warmth, there will be no white christmas. temperatures climb into the 70s today and we could break another record tomorrow. lets get to melissa magee in for adam. that makes three recorded thus far if we are counting. >> yes, and more are on the way,
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we'll show you sky 6 hd from our temple university camera, a mostly cloudy skies and breaks in the clouds at this hour, and the reason why we are finding sunny breaks and it's reflecting the change and in philadelphia and the lehigh valley, and 69 in dover, so far today we have shattered a record, the old record was 64 set back just last year, we have climbed back to 71, if you have yet to make it to your destination, we have the travel forecast for you, philadelphia the green light, no issues at boston logan or chicago and jfk or la guardia at this hour. we have you covered tonight with the forecast, mild still and a stray shower is likely at 9:00 p.m., dropping at 65 and midnight from you attending midnight mass, the temperature coming in at 63 and records today and once again records one
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against for christmas day, i'll let you know how long the warmth is sticking around. >> thanks, can you find the seven-day forecast and look at stormtracker 6 live double scan any time of day or night for that matter on our website, just head to >> well, the rush is on to finish up the last minute food shopping, supermarkets and the reading terminal market jam packed with people picking up their holiday meals, vernon odom spoke with shoppers today and he is live in south philadelphia with more from there. hi vernon. >> hi brian, it was busy all day long, here in the parking lot of this acme in south philadelphia, you can look behind me and see it's packed still and the focus has turned to the dinner table offerings. the south philly supermarket is busy attracting folks from queen village to oregon avenue.
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on christmas eve it was a jammed mad house, as shoppers marked off their list of fixins for the dinner celebration for tonight and tomorrow. >> i'm cooking christmas dinner, macaroni pie and turkey and ham and the whole works, normally if i'm home in trinidad, my sister and i get together and we cook. >> i'm buying his roast beef and i'm making a fruit salad and some presentses. >> despite the soothing christmas carol music hectic is how one mer chance described this day in center city those that finished their gift shopping, are buying the stuff for large meals for gatherings of family and friends, it's an old tradition that touches they believe cannot be completed through a modern supermarket. >> it's the third busiest day of the year here. >> people come back year after
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year. >> sometimes you don't see them all year round and they want the best of the best like a roast, they come here. >> pasta casserole and chicken wings and people are ringing up the stuff too. >> we are having the roast of course, the best. >> we are having turkey and we are having some italian dishes. >> brian i'll be back later on "action news" to take a further look at this particular slice of life on christmas eve 2015. live in south philadelphia, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right vernon we'll see you in a bit then. a wreck involving a it is and car created a mess in bucks county and chopper 6 hd was over the scene if feasterville, not clear right now what exactly happened here and no one was hurt in this accident, the northbound lanes were shut down as crews cleared the scene, fire
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forced people from their homes in west philadelphia, the blaze broke out before 3:30 on the 59 hundred block of and no one was heard here either and no word on what sparked the fire and a woman from buck county got a brand new roof in time for christmas, crews from remodeling concepts were at tory's home in morrisville bright and early this morning, she got the new roof as the winner of the company's social media contest and she was speechless. >> i don't have words, it's fantastic all of these people are here on christmas eve doing something nice for somebody. >> her friends and family nominated her for the prize because she deserves it because she spends time helping others, she is frequently at the senior center and opportunity council, she managed to do all that while working full-time and going to
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school and taking care of her three kids and 83-year-old mom. mayor michael nutter made time on this christmas eve to visit the christmas village at love park, he greeted the vendors and talked to the crowds and wished a merry christmas to the young ones out exploring the city with their families. christmas is a time for gifts and family and many spend the holiday celebrating, the reason behind it, the birth of jesus christ, and now rick williams is here with more. >> that is right thank you, one of the largest catholic celebrations in philadelphia is set to get underway in the matter of minutes, we'll take you live inside of that annual traditional celebration, also coming up tonight at 5:00, a controversial film starring will smith, it's called concussion and highlights the effects of hard hits on football players,
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ali gorman sat down with local concussion experts to get their take on this controversial movie. we'll see you again on "action news" at 5:00. >> thanks rick. now to christmas in the holy land, this year the celebration is marked with sadness, abc's molly hunter is in bethlehem with the story. >> reporter: the mixed feeling between the celebration and the sad feeling. >> that sad feeling shared widely this year. after months of violence in the occupied palestinian territories and israel left 19 israelis and more than 130 palestinians dead, more than half of those palestinians were attackers and the crowds are smaller and tourism suffering, people have never seen it like this. as celebrations kick off in bethlehem the birth place of
4:37 pm
jesus, christmas hits at a somber time and christians are fleeing prosecution from iraq to syria. >> at the same time there say feeling of resilience, people celebrate christmas and send a message of hope, that we the christians and muslims and palestinians, we are here and will stay here forever. >> resilience and happiness. >> russellbrating more this year because of the tension and violence. >> it's what you fight for. with music. >> holly huntser, abc news bethlehem. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, big talkers, the new app that lets you rate your date and changes to chipotle after e. coli outbreaks.
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and meteorologist, melissa magee, has the full accuweather forecast. but first a holiday message from one of our troops stations overseas. >> hi i'm staff sergeant james wet early, we are here with our daughters, allison and vanessa, we are stationed in italy. and we would like to wish all of our friends and family in the philadelphia area a merry christmas and happy holidays.
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. this is the scene across the nation as people turn out to celebrate the true meaning of christmas, for the first of three masses, at least 1,000 worshippers were expected at each one, perhaps several thousand at tonight's mass, all were treated to tradition it'sal christmas hims and newer gospel
4:41 pm
praise. authorities stopped what would have been a disaster for hollywood, they charged a man from the bahamas from stealing information from private people, including celebrities, he got his hands on everything from movies to scripts and he was trying to sell the information for thousands of dollars. >> the government was able to shut this down before devastating damage was done. it could have been a very, very serious hack. >> well, the investigation went quickly and only began earlier this month when knolls contacted a popular radio host trying to sell the information to that person and knolls is held out without bail. >> new york police is searching for women that allegedly ripped off a knicks player, derek williams met the women at a nightclub and brought them back to his house, he found $617,000
4:42 pm
in jewelry and other valuable items gone, surveillance video captured the women at the club and police think they may be behind other similar robberies as well. health check at 4:00, the restaurant chain, chipotle is making changes in the wake of an e. coli outbreak and they will adjust the way they cook and prepare ingredients, including submerging onions in boiling water and testing meat before it is shipped to other locations and it will reduce the level of contamination to zero, after two e. coli outbreaks sickened people in several states and hundreds of college students were sickened with norovirus in boston. and big talkers, first techie themed obituary that has
4:43 pm
gone viral. before he died of pancreatic cancer he told his family he wants to be celebrated not mourned. he was a techie that ate and slept computers, they wrote a computer themed obituary including the line his core came to a stop after a battle with cancer. >> it was a great way to send him off going viral on redditt and others to have a tribute for him like that. >> it did go viral and appeared on the front page of redditt and newspapers everywhere. now to the app being called the holy grail in dating, it's called the grade, it keeps people honest and eliminates surprises, it's peer review, encouraging people to rate their dates, can you list someone as a quality person and add more
4:44 pm
detail from there, the ceo says that 71% of users will help people eliminate creeps and 84% of women say they feel safer because of it. the app is gaining if popularity and it has critics, it's downloaded 100,000 times in just a year. now to all the last minute shoppers, the sky mall catalogs are offering interesting gift ideas, check this one out. for the pizza lover, the new york pizza scented t-shirt and the sumo wrestler and table 200 there's, and how about this handshaking is a real sport so reverse hand grip strengthener and interesting lawn decor to get your neighbors talking how about this a yetty.
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sure to make you the hit of the block. now matt pellman is standing by in the traffic center, given your reaction you need that on your front yard. >> that would be fantastic, just finished our holiday shopping an hour or two hours ago and this afternoon we are shopping around for traffic troubles and having success and finding a few unfortunately, in langhorne we are cleaning up after the overturned tractor trailer carrying peanut butter continues to block the ramp of route 1 the super highway, normally with peanut butter you have jam and this afternoon you have jam on northbound one, if this is normally a ramp, use the one in pen dell instead. and more in terms of volume on the schuylkill in the 50s and slow speeds in the work zone at cotman, 28 miles per hour there,
4:46 pm
a crash at clayton park cleared out and we are watching an accident at barks dale road and plenty of slow speeds on northbound 95 in newcastle county, starting going up into wilmington and call my friends at the delaware police and they say no problems at this point, no volume just holiday shoppers are out. a crash along main road, and the black horse pike is closed at the at acme at nicholson road. we'll check the situations again coming up in the 5:00 hour. and to you very merry christmas. >> to you too, thanks. next on "action news" looking to get the next deal on kitchen gadgets, consumer reports puts top brands to the test. sky 6 hd looking live at philadelphia international airport kind of a gray day out there, but look at that temperature will you, 68 and warmer in many places, melissa magee has more on what comes n
4:47 pm
in accuweather.
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the sounds of the season came courtesy of the bag pipes, at broad and passyunk, he is representing his fellow hospital staff and paying forward acts of kindness with this pop upsidewalk and the tradition was born last year and will continue for years to come. i love the sound of bag pipes. >> yes, it's very nice. >> it's nice out there i know it's abnormal but it feels great. >> it really does, lets take it while we can get it in the move december and it was not the sunniest of days, we were well
4:50 pm
above average, the action cam was outside earlier in manayunk at the toe path, you can see we had a pretty cloudy day with rain and mist and drizzle earlier this afternoon, all of that precipitation is starting to move on out and the clouds are holding on tough and despite the clouds, temperatures were above average, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see it's dry and quiet ain little bit of light rain south and east of lancaster and reading in berks county and the bulk of that precipitation moving on out, we have the warmth over head today on our christmas eve, normal for us this time of year is 42, and the record is 64 set back in 2014, today's high in the city, 71 degrees, well above average and 2 degrees off the all time december high which was 73 degrees, pretty close but no cigar, the southwesterly wind and 69 in philadelphia, 59 in the poconoss and sea isle city
4:51 pm
57 and reading and wilmington. here is satellite along with "action news" raider, the frontal boundary dipping to the south and east. and a mostly cloudy skies and clouds are around for the rest of the evening hours, the call from accuweather tonight despite the clouds and moisture it stays pretty mild, 52 in the suburbs for the overnight low and 60 in philadelphia, we are tracking santa, he is on his way and already delivered more than 3 million presents to the good little boys and girls here on this christmas eve night and is now in croatia and on time for the united states. from you attending midnight mass, 51 in the poconos and 66 along the coast there in wildwood, as i advance this into 6:00 a.m. christmas day, and it's still pretty mild, 61 at 6:00 a.m., average for us was 42, above that and the record
4:52 pm
tomorrow is 68 set back in 1964 and it looks like we are calling for a high of 71 degrees in philadelphia, it's mostly cloudy for christmas day and records are possible once again as we sit around the tree and open up your gifts and presents, the exclusive accuweather forecast showing you for christmas day a high of 70 and the frontal boundary that dipped to the south comes back tomorrow and the rain is late in the day and otherwise a high of 70, it's mostly cloudy on saturday for kwanzaa, the eagles are home at the linc taking on the red skins and cooler at 56 and the record territory returns on sunday underneath a mostly cloudy skies and high of 72 and chilly on monday and 45 and periods of rain on tuesday and 55 and wednesday 56 and the early call for new years eve 54 degrees, so a lot going on in the seven day and in the near term, mild for
4:53 pm
christmas day tomorrow despite the clouds. merry christmas. >> meris christmas. we'll be right back. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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what is the deal on this christmas eve, lots of you will play with kitchen ganl gadgets, consumer reports tested this ninja max features a blender and chopper and the oxo bright digital hand mixer, $80, great for mixing and coffee lovers the perfect temperature coffee brewer it can brew a full 14 cups and consumer reports tests finds it gets to the proper
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temperature to brew the cup and they come equipped with the signature red nobs and stainless steel finish, the four slice toaster $400 got top rating. >> it's nowhere near the price of wolf's range at $4,000. >> and it excels at slicing and beat out the cuisinaret to get the stop spot. the popular drink made of eggs and fruit and cream, and usually liquor, crossed the atlantic in the 1700s, and george washington was known for a recipe that includes rum, sherry brandy and whiskey. but don't drive after that drink. that will do it for "action
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news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams, adam joseph and melissa magee, i'm brian taff, have a great christmas. here is rick williams with a look at what is coming up next on "action news" at 5:00. >> hi brian, make sure your boys get the drum set i sent them, tell them to enjoy. >> thank you. >> coming up next we are tracking record warmth this christmas eve, temperatures top out in the 70s to finish up the holiday weekend cleaning up after deadly storms there, the path of destruction with more than a dozen tornadoes left behind and mall madness as last minute shoppers finish up the holiday errands. those stories and more coming up next on "action news" at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. twaz the night before christmas but it felt more like spring and travellers donned shorts and flip-flops warren than a long sleeved anything, from the city to the shore skies
5:00 pm
were damp and gray and it set the stage for santa's big day. the big story on "action news" is the warmest christmas on record for the delaware valley, looking live from sky 6 hd tonight. this picture shows the story, a green hill, ski lifts sitting idle on christmas eve, that is the weather picture this evening and it's a historic one. now they are in with a first look at the forecast. it was all about the temperatures today, the old record in philadelphia, the old record was 64 set last year in 2014, the high today 71 degrees, well above the average of 72, the all time december high is 73, just 2 degrees high of historic warmth, 67 in the city at this hour, 65 in allentown and along the coast in


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